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Karen Shakhgaldyan   Rambler's Top100 Rambler's Top100

With sister Gayane (on the left) and mother Olga (on the right)

With Е. I. Iankelevich and N. Ya. Livshits

With American conductor Кonstantin Orbelian

Family Shakhgaldyan (from left to right): brother Artem, mother Olga, Karen, sister Gayane

Karen with brother Artem (2004)

To say that Karen has an ordinary musical family is to say almost nothing at all. Karen himself traces his musical roots back to his grandfather, Kabardino-Balkarian composer, violinist, and conductor. His mother, Olga Khusinovna Shakhgaldin also practiced music professionally. His younger brother Artem successfully played the piano, performed in an orchestra with his brother Karen very often, however, he understood that his calling in life is in a different direction and entered the Moscow State University of M.V. Lomonosov.

Of course, Olga Khusinovna Shakhgaldyan acts as the ideal pivot of the family. Her courage and active involvement leave something to be admired: after all, no one said that raising a gifted musician was easy, especially in our time. Olga Khusinovna not only provides for Karen's normal everyday life and comfortable home, creating the conditions for perfecting oneself, for creating, without distracting from studies. This mother had to take on the role of a manager as well as fulfilling organizational functions in addition to always remembering not only the interests of her son; the field of her activity is much wider. Olga Khusinovna, devoting her life to classical music, constantly thinks about the fate of young talented performers and how to help others in order to realize their talent and become successful. With the help of Olga Khusinovna's energies, the school-studio "Young Talents" was started: who better than her knows what difficulties await the parents of young musicians. One can sit with his hands folded and bury his talent, attributing it to the difficulties of existing under the conditions of the market and cynically remark that all prominent musicians have long left the country and went abroad; or one can, as Olga has done, attempt to change the situation and lay out a path for talent in our Motherland. Karen Shakhgaldyan prefers to study and work in Russia, feeling succession in the Great Russian musical school.

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