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How To Make The Right Contact In The Music Industry

Many musicians realize that making the right music industry contacts is essential to a successful music career. The problem is that, most musicians really don’t know the right ‘who’ music industry contact, where to find it, how to actually turn the ‘first contact’ into a meaningful one, and what ‘having the right music industry connections’ means. .
If I provided you with a comprehensive list of my music industry contacts (key industry people with whom I have been in a relationship over the past 20 years), do you think it will help you develop a successful music career? … Not! Why? Because mere “contact” is worth nothing. Music industry contacts need to be meaningful music industry connections. Meaningful connections are developed by building good relationships … More on this later …

The Music Industry Networking Tips

However, even if you have good relationships with the right people, this won’t help you until and unless you’re working on having the right things in place that allow your industry contacts to feel confident enough to work with you. To learn more about turning music industry contacts into meaningful relationships, watch this free video on how to build a career in the music business.

So who are some of the music industry people you should contact? … and when you get through to someone, what do you say to him / her? How can you get these important people to notice you if you don’t have a name in the music business yet?

Let’s explore the first question “Who are the music industry people you should contact?” To answer this you need to ask another set of questions such as:

• Who are the music industry contacts who have great influence and ability to help further your career?

• Who are the music industry contacts who have the largest number of primary relationships with other music industry professionals and companies?

• Among the most important music industry contacts, who are the easiest to find near where you live?

• What music industry contacts are most accessible?

• Who are some of the music industry people you can help solve THEIR problems and / or help them to reach their goals (so start building a relationship with them)?

Is there one “type” of contact person in the music industry or (company) that fits ALL of the criteria above? The answer is ‘Yes’. And if you don’t have music industry connections, this ‘type of contact’ might be your best place to start … So who is this type of person or company? Record label executive? A & amp; R people? Producer? Publisher? Manager? Entertainment lawyer? Famous band? No … The answer may surprise you … it is “Concert Promoter”.

How to Network in the Music Industry

Serious concert promoters have great power and influence in the music industry. They are the real risk takers of the music business. They deal with thousands of very important music industry people every year such as: famous bands, record labels, artist management, tour managers, entertainment attorneys, production companies, merchandising departments, venues, booking agencies, radio stations, the press, and many more.

If you live near an urban area, you should have no problem finding concert promoters who live and work locally (use Google). Unlike most other important music industry contacts, promoters are generally accessible and willing to talk to anyone who has ‘the real thing’ to offer them (that’s where you come in).

In general, concert promoters take more risk than any other person or entity throughout the music industry. All promoters lose a large amount of money each year (because some concerts lose money for various reasons). Successful promoters make (and save) more money than they lose over the year (because they can promote other concerts with bigger bands that make a lot of money).

What every promoter wants is a network of people they can count on to help ensure that the concert / tour they are promoting brings in more money! Obviously, it is expensive to hire a large team of experienced people. However, And can join their team (at least part time) if you are willing, intern, earn a small salary or even work for free just to get your foot in the door and gain experience working with a promoter. You may not know anything about promoting tours yet, but some promotion companies will be eager to train you if it is not expensive for them to do so.

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