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Indie musician

The internet can be responsible for many profound changes in our lives and perspectives. One of the big changes that the internet has brought has been the decline in the power of major music labels and an increase in the number of Indie artists.

The fall of so many major music labels has started the Indie musician movement.

It’s really a movement, but I call it this way because I see it as a way of beating the system and the big giants used to tell music artists what to do and use to take almost all of this artist’s money. They still exist, but the internet and the phenomenon of illegal downloading have made them smaller and made artists realize that maybe taking unreasonable fees on their CDs isn’t the smart thing to do, and maybe showing more can bring them more money and also maybe, just maybe, they can record their own music and make it their own.

The fact is that there are music editing programs that savvy computer-oriented people can work with and that you can open a recording studio in your home and even if you can’t do all that, there are small recording studios that don’t charge you that much.

These are some of the reasons that there are so many indie music artists out there.

These artists don’t always straddle themselves all the time. Music managers are still out there, looking for young talent, wanting some original sound. But the thing with indie musicians is that they know what they’re worth, and they know that if they want they can make it their own. So they will know what to ask for and what to agree to.

Music artists of the past gave their label companies all their beliefs. Some of them are well cared for and some are used. But however you look at it, they are like children who need their parents’ approval to create and perform. Today with what I have previously mentioned and websites like myspace competition and songwriting websites, these indie music artists know what they are worth and as a result of this we get more original quality music that music labels don’t think they know. what’s good for us and what’s not.

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