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Must-see Music Festivals in the US

Do you want to fill your life with unforgettable emotions and extraordinary days?

Do you want to feel young and free forever?

Or do you just love music in full scope?

Than we specially prepared for you the top list of the most awesome music parties in the US! These shows will show the power of music. Music which is the most extraordinary thing in the world.


Lollapalooza takes place in the summer in Grant Park, Chicago.

This year Lolla is celebrating its 25th birthday and the founders prepared something special and extraordinary for fans. First, the lineup is led by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Radiohead, Major Lazer, Lana Del Rey, G-Eazy, Ellie Goulding, M83, Disclosure, Halsey and dozens of well-known and loved artists. Moreover, this festival will last four days, not 3 years ago. Lollapalooza is a cocktail of music, dance, theater and handicraft exhibitions. The music here is diverse – heavy metal, punk rock, hip-hop. Lollapalooza found stars like The Killers, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Machine, Green Day.

Want to have the greatest weekend of your life? Take your friends and head to the party! Keep dancing and singing your heart. Relax on the grass. Take a minute to snack on. Refuel. And go party rocking hard! Music is our DNA.

Burning Man

Just imagine: a city in the desert; culture of possibility; net of dreamers and players. Burning Man seems to be something that is not real. It is a mixture of everything that is not formal in the world: art, people, places, music, clothes, etc. If you haven’t been there you won’t understand what it’s all about. This festival creates a unique world in the middle of nowhere in the Black Rock desert. You need to bring everything you need to survive: bedding, water, food. DJs play music all day and night, artists put on their installations, and it all culminates in the burning of some large wooden figures the Saturday after sunset. Only “passers-by” and viewers are not allowed to be at the party. Each of them must show his creativity: artistic installations, body art, unusual clothing and so on. There are no rules and no restrictions for festival space. You can sit where you want, you can do what you want, BUT everything you do should be positive and contribute some part of your soul to create an atmosphere of ancient tribal and cultural life in a modern format. This is what heals you from the problems of the outside world, changes your mind, saves love and peace and makes you a child of nature.

If you get the chance to immerse yourself in this esoteric world, then don’t just pass by. You will feel the essence of life. You will feel the universe within you.

Bumbershoot (bumbershoot)

The main reason to visit Seattle is the bumbershoot fest which takes place downtown each September. It is one of a breed in this region and can be considered stable as its popularity only increases with time. This event highlighted not only the music performed by local and world famous stars such as Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Death Cab for Cutie, KYGO. This program also contains cinematography, dance, theater, genius ideas and all kinds of creative works. People come with their families, because here they broaden their view of the world, enrich their inner world, taste dishes cooked by restaurants large and small, enjoy the beauty of life. Develop yourself from all sides. Spend a family vacation at Bumbershoot!

Kwanzaa Festival

One week before the New Year the streets of America’s cities will be filled with tribal songs and exotic African drum rhythms, wild and mysterious. The black continent culture entered the Americas along with African slaves. These people keep careful memories of their ancestral homes. On New Year’s Eve Afro-Americans celebrate the Kwanzaa festival (from the Swahili word “matunda ya kwanza” meaning “first fruit results”), aimed at reminding them of their traditions and cultural patterns. One of the biggest events of this kind – the Capital City Kwanzaa Festival is usually held in the suburbs of Richmond, Virginia. Celebrations usually start in the family circle. In the evening all the members dressed in African national clothing gather for dinner. There is an altar with candles, fruit and other symbols of produce on the dining table. During their meal they discussed the 7 basic principles of African culture – self-determination, collective work and responsibility, economic cooperation, tenacity for a cause, creativity and faith. In addition they organize conser ethnic music and dances, memorial services, educational and outreach exhibitions and campaigns. Come and visit Kwanzaa fest! Plunge into the ancient culture as far back as Africa and you will surely be amazed by the riches of our world!

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